Sunday, March 2, 2008

Admiral's Row - further exploration

While photographing Admiral's Row last week, one of the things which presented a challenge was pulling personality and individuality out of structures which seemed almost methodically sterilized. There were great architectural flourishes to be sure, but these reveal little of the human element within the structures. On the other hand, traces of residency were fairly scant in all but quarters H and L, which had current and recent squatters respectively.

After the Navy was done with the Row, the various quarters were used in the civilian sector for a number of years before they fell into abandonment. When the last residents moved out, they cleaned house quite well - that, or they were cleaned up after; very few traces of personality remain outside of the architectural character of the buildings themselves. But this is not to say that there are no revealing little details to be seen. They're there, and here are a few.

Here's the front entryway to Quarters D:

And here's the porthole door seen at the end of that hallway, a symbol of the structure's assigned purpose:

The solarium in Quarters G:

And a the peeling paint on the wall in there:

And here's a few more.

Some lovely wallpaper in Quarters E.

Quarters L wallpaper, slaked off and fallen to the ground.

Bathroom drinking cup, Quarters B.

The parlor in Quarters D.

One of many newspapers discarded in Quarters L, still clearly used as a residence by a squatter with a taste for Juicy Juice and potato chips.

Tennis Court Rules.

One of very few pieces of nonarchitectural evidence inside the structures which indicates their original use.


Nathan Kensinger said...

I look forward to seeing more of your photos! Congrats on the new blog.

All these shots look great on my computer.... the colors are good!

sympathetic compass said...

A great trip filled with crumbling plaster, new plaster, and generally beautiful buildings in dire need of preservation.

lb said...

I love your pics. I have been wanting to go photograph there for about a year now. Can you give me any tips? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Excellent Photography ! Basically I love the texture on surfaces, and you have brought out master pieces.

Momma T said...

I have been looking through your photos and I can't believe how hauntingly amazing they are. Very impressed and plan to be coming back to view again. I can only imagine how incredible it must be to visit these sites. Thumbs up from a new fan!!

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